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Individual Income Tax Preparation    


Tax laws are complex and ever-changing. They are often beyond the scope of what an average person has the time and ability to master. The recent Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017 overhaul added to the complexity of tax preparation. More so than ever, individual taxpayers need the expertise of a skilled and educated tax preparer.

Too often, taxpayers are forced to choose between one of two circumstances: save money and prepare their taxes themselves with little to no professional guidance, or pay substantially higher rates to have their taxes prepared by a professional.  At All Heart Tax Services, we believe that no one should have to choose cost over quality. We offer professional services, guidance, and preparation at competitive and affordable rates, ensuring that everyone has access to top-tier tax services without breaking the bank.


Tax Resolution and Audit Services


Receiving an audit letter is often an unnerving experience. Communication with the IRS and State agencies can be daunting and time consuming. All Heart Tax Services contacts and communicates with these agencies directly, on behalf of our clients. Our experience and extensive tax law knowledge ensure a higher probability of a prompt and favorable outcome for clients.

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